Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank you, nice lady...

Just like a pesky little gray hair, the wires on my Kitchen Aid whisk decided to pop out of its base today. Yup, days before Thanksgiving, just as I was getting ready to make all of my pie crusts. Of course, we all know the mental anguish this can cause before a big holiday; adding one more task to an ever growing list of things to do.

I searched every where and not a one was to be had! As I walked into my last possible store I have to admit, I was so irritated. It's not so bad to search on your own, but when you can't explain to a 2 year old why she has to get in and out of the car seat so many times... well, let's just not go there. Naturally, this store didn't have the whisk attachment on the shelves either. No biggie, I'll just go get the customer service person and see if they have extra in the back. After walking around the store 3 times and finding not one person, I was a wee bit upset. Even my kidlet was yelling, "WHERE IS EVBODEEEEEEE??!". Well, we finally ran into the kitchen departments customer service woman, and as you can imagine, I was not overly kind when asking her about the whisks, and equally not as happy when she said they just didn't have them.

She could see how upset I was... I kept thinking what the heck was I going to do?! Well, she asked me to stay put for a second, that she'd be right back. I waited, and waited, and waited... more irritated with each passing minute. When she returned, she very kindly handed me a whisk, and very sweetly said, "Merry Christmas. I can't put a price on this, it was in a returned box upstairs that we weren't able to return to the manufacturer, and it does not have a separate UPC code. I want you to have it, and not stress so much about your holiday. Please, enjoy it!" What a kind, sweet, caring woman! She saved me $25 and oodles of time. Oh, I feel like an ass!

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Jenn said...

Aww, that was really nice of her!

Liz said...

That is one really nice lady.