Tuesday, November 25, 2008

People out there like me..?!

Wow, how cool is this?! Yesterday and today I have been tagged! The first was yesterday, by Jenn, over at I hate Whine, with the "Ohana Friend Award." Today was the "You've Been Tagged" by Cha Cha over at Noodleroux. I've really had so much fun figuring out stuff in this online world, and have met THE neatest people! Both of the gals that have sent me these have great blogs, and a terrific sense of humor...not a day goes by that I don't stop over to their places. Thank goodness though that neither of them have talked to my kids, who would all swear I'm not interesting enough to answer these questions... but you know, Mommy is more than just Mommy. Here goes:

1. I dated Perry Damone in 1987. His father is actor Vic Damone, and stepmother Diahann Carroll of Dynasty and Greys Anatomy fame.

2. Also in 1987 I did the voice of Bart Simpson in local radio commercials.

3. I had a ~*blush*~breast reduction 2 years ago. I kept falling forward and everytime I ate, the "girls" fell in my food, so yes, I gave up what many women have paid gajillions to have. It was a good thing...

4. I was part of an amazing group of women who came forward, to testify against a Doctor, who in the end, received a 37 year prison term for his abuse.

5. I did one, count 'em, ONE, 5k race in my life... and have no desire to do one again.

6. My great, great, great, great cousin was William Howard Taft the 27th President of the United States.

7. I worked in dentistry for 20 years.

Wow... that was some serious thinking, and a bunch of memories! Now, here are 7 people I just think are awesome! Head on over their way. Some are just getting started... others are daily fav's of mine- better than the daily newspaper!

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Ok,I got it done! Your turn everyone... share the love!

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