Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free stuff, anyone..?

I'm always looking for deals, and if I can get cash back, all the better! I've found some neat things over the past few months so I thought I'd pass them along for all to benefit.

One that I really like is called Freecycle It is a site dedicated to recycling and reusing. You go to the site, search for a group using your zip code, and join that group. Daily you will get emails of people offering free items from furniture to clothes and home medical supplies. You can also throw a request out to the group if you need something. As an example, one woman and her children had to start over again with nothing. She emailed out a "need" to the group and was able to furnish her apartment and receive clothes for her children. These are all items that many people would sell in yard sales, donate to goodwill, or throw away. It is an excellent organization.

Another good one is Cash 4 Books You go to the site, type in your books ISBN number (usually on the copyright page), and see if you can get cash for them. They will even let you print out a pre-paid label so that you can mail them for free. You can either receive a check for the amount or can have it deposited into a PayPal account. Now you may not receive a fortune, but hey, over time pennies add up!

Who couldn't use some free entertainment?! Until April 2009, Bank of America has an agreement with over 70 museums across the country that lets you get in free the first weekend of every month! All you need to do is show them your Bank of America Debit, Credit, or ATM card. Here's the link to see which museums participate: Bank of America

I purchase (99% of the time) second hand clothing for my youngest (ok, so the older ones have issues with second hand, lol). I have 2 all time fav's when it comes to children's clothing- Kid to Kid and Once Upon a Child Both offer gently used kids clothing at least 70% to 90% off retail. Both these stores are the only ones I have found that extremely clean, organized, and offer modern, up to date fashions, as well as the opportunity to sell your clothes to them for cash or in-store credit. If you choose credit, which I usually do, you usually end up with about 20% more in credit than cash.

One of my favorite markets is Fresh and Easy Besides offering great deals and extremely fresh food, you can pick an item off the shelf that you are interested in, bring it to the little kitchenette that each store has, and they will let you try the item for free with no obligation to purchase! If you'll be in the store for awhile, they'll even cook an item for you, just so that you can feel confident you are getting a fresh, tasty buy.

Lastly, of course you know that I have a blog, you're reading it! I am in the process of redesigning it, and while it will still tell much about our family, it will now be more geared towards recipes and food finds. So keep checking my blog in the future for yummy things- but be patient, a toddler running around and older kids activities will dictate what gets posted and when! My point... did you know you can get paid for blogging?! Heck, if your gonna share, why not get paid for it! Google will post relevant ads on your site, and when visitors to your blog click on your advertisements, the blogger gets paid for that! So...... keep visiting my blog and click, click, click!!! Let me know if you have a blog and I promise to do the same! Check it out: Google Blogger Ads

I hope this helps everyone a bit. All these pennies add up- maybe even to a tank of gas! To me, it's well worth it! Let me know if you find a deal, and as I find more I'll pass them along...

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